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Life is rarely the put together facade of the perfect Christmas card or the snapshot of contented bliss we put forth on social media. Real life is big, loud and full of mistakes. We are all struggling with something, and we all deserve to give ourselves the gift of "being messy" without shame. So many of us are just trying to get through the day and if we really look up from our devices....we will see the brokenness and know we are all imperfect citizens living in this imperfect world. So dream big, fail big, FORGIVE big, and above all else LOVE BIG!!!


An educator and project seeker, I have spent the last 25 years supporting my soldier and writing about my life and adventures as an Army spouse.  I have a big heart for both Army families and soldiers  as my favorite part of Army life is my acquired community of battle buddies! I love words (both speaking and writing them) and have contributed to AWN, NMFA, VSP, The Fort Hood Sentinel, The Army Spouse Handbook, Inside Abu Ghraib, Memoirs of Two US Military Intelligence Officers, and The Army War College at Carlisle.  My favorite writing piece about being an Army wife is   “The Lady in the Grey Suit”  published in 2015 in Proud to Be: Writing by American Warriors (Vol.3).  You can find me on InstagramFacebook

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